Working with Coach Kevin has helped me grow personally and professionally. There are many accomplishments I have achieved under Kevin’s tutorship: he helped me prioritize and juggle family life, I participated in more speaking engagements than I thought possible, I grew my marketing list by at least 300 people, I completed my website which without his help could have turned into a long drawn-out project, and Kevin even encouraged me to throw a party — which was so much fun — and the first party I have thrown in over ten years. And, all of this with a newborn, the youngest of my five children. However, the best and most important thing about working with Coach Kevin is he held the space for me to step into the next best version of myself. I appreciate Coach Kevin and his work so much
— Dr Selassie, parent & naturopathic doctor


Live. Celebrate.  Love:  Live a life of unlimited possibilities.


There is freedom waiting for you,

On the breezes of the sky,

And you ask "What if I fall?"

Oh but my darling,

What if you fly?


-Erin Hanson



Kevin is a Parent, Business Owner, Coach, Trainer & Speaker. He lives in Brooklyn, NY with his husband, daughter and two labradoodles.

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