Meet Your Coach

A Philadelphia native, Kevin has called New York City home for over 25 years. After graduating from Emerson College in Boston with a BFA in Musical Theater, Kevin moved to New York where he enjoyed a successful career as a film and television actor as well as several behind-the-scenes management roles in the theater industry.  In 2006 Kevin started the “best job ever,” he became a parent. 

Kevin’s stint as a stay-at-home dad was originally scheduled to last for 2 years but it lasted8 ½ years!  This was great for his daughter but without that second income, the family became trapped under the weight of a financial crisis.  The credit cards were maxed out, the car was repossessed, the bank was threatening to take their home.  The money coming in was not enough to cover their monthly bills. To make matters even worse, the stress of the situation began to take its toll on the family. All passion disappeared and they began living in survival mode.

This was not the life that Kevin wanted for himself or his family.  He knew he had to go back to work.  After a few unsuccessful attempts at different jobs, Kevin decided that he was to go into business for himself.  He chose something that he loved or rather something that he loved chose him, and it was the perfect fit to the life that he was creating for himself and his family.

In 2014 Kevin created Sunbridge Coaching where he is the CEO and Lead Coach.  As a coach, Kevin helps moms and dads who want to keep their family first will building a multi-six figure business.

Kevin’smotto is “Live. Celebrate.  Love:  Live a life of unlimited possibilities.  Celebrate with gratitude all that is given to you and Love with all the passion and joy that is possible. “

Kevin lives in Brooklyn, NY with his husband, daughter and two labradoodles.